Ordinary and extraordinary

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How many months and stars have passed, and the fog, rain and thunder flash.

This is a tricycle made by Hongdi,
It was born 20 years ago.
No gorgeous coat,
In the vast sea of cars, it looks so ordinary.
In the stormy days,
Erode you into a mottled face.
But your tenacious vitality,
Witness the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Ordinary and extraordinary,
I have accompanied my master for twenty years.
Although the value is only a few hundred yuan,
But I am your faithful partner.
I accompany your beautician in this city,
How many months and stars have passed, and the fog, rain and thunder flash.
Whatever you need,
I will take you all the way forward.
Ordinary and extraordinary,
You are the most simple one.
There are no pleasant words,
No decent clothes.
Only obscure persistence and perseverance,
And those industrious hands are covered with calluses.
Although a few hundred yuan is very small,
But you are still happy and enviable.
Ordinary and extraordinary,
You and I are like a brick.
Diligent and busy, glowing,
Where to move.
Hard and happy,
All this is reflected in the simple and honest smiling face.
Ordinary and extraordinary,
You are as dedicated as I am.
No noise,
No complaints;
There is no scramble for fame and profit,
There is no solemn oath.
Only the strongest body,
Show to the world.
Ordinary and extraordinary,
We help each other, hand in hand.
Always stick to your own path,
Keep moving forward.
day in and day out,
year after year.
I want to stay with you for another 20 years,
Just like the wax torch turned into ashes and began to dry.
Ordinary and extraordinary,
We are the most ordinary among all sentient beings.
As long as life is valuable,
Can breed extraordinary in the ordinary.
Do not seek fame and fame to stay in history,
I only wish no repentance for a hundred years.

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