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I remember someone said: "Strong dealer team+perfect after-sales service=mature enterprise". When we visited the general agent of Hongdi Electric Vehicle of Linqu Minglu Automobile Industry, this idea became clearer and stronger.

I remember someone said: "Strong dealer team+perfect after-sales service=mature enterprise". When we visited the general agent of Hongdi Electric Vehicle of Linqu Minglu Automobile Industry, this idea became clearer and stronger.
On December 20, last year, when we came to the car industry of Beiming Road, South Ring Road, Linqu, there was a customer who had taken the lead. After sitting down, I talked with the customer and learned some information about the user.
The customer's name is Wang Fuzhen, male, from Panyang Village, Linqu County, born in 1951. He joined the work in 1976. He was the driver of Xinzhai Commune Tractor Station in Linqu County. He has been driving for 44 years now. He is a car owner who knows the performance of all kinds of vehicles. The following is the dialogue between the author (the questioner) and Mr. Wang (the respondent):
Q: Excuse me, what car did you buy after you came back from work?
A: After retiring in 2006, I began to sell pet birds to supplement my family. At the beginning, I was riding a bicycle. Due to the limited number of vehicles, I could sell up to 10 bikes a day. Later, when electric cars came out, I thought about changing cars. So I went to the electric car street to see each brand one by one. With my more than 40 years of driving experience, I chose the best from the best. I only liked the Hongdi electric car, which is the kind with a shed. It is very easy to use. Unexpectedly, it has only been used for more than a year and was stolen.
Q: It's a pity. What happened later?
A: There is no way to steal it. The child asked me for advice. I said I only want Hongdi. In order to prevent being stolen again, this time I bought a second-hand Hongdi car. The child bought some accessories and changed the two handles into steering wheels. It was very handy. Later, I bought a handlebar, which was made by Hongdi 23 years ago.
Q: Is this van the fourth?
A: This van is the fourth one with steering wheel. It is a 2011 product. Although the front and rear of the cab are slightly small, it is stable, and it is OK to light cigarettes and watch mobile phones; This car has good sealing performance, and is comfortable for people and birds in winter. Now my car can hold 300 birds, and my bird breeding business has developed in a snowball way. After all, I have been using Hongdi since I changed into an electric car. I have been able to develop like this thanks to Hongdi Company, which is my lucky star.
Q: What do you think about buying Hongdi four times?
A: First of all, quality. Without quality, there is no survival. I have been in the driving industry for 43 years. It can be said that no matter Dongfeng - 8, Mount Taishan - 50 and other tractors, or Jiefang, Huanghe and many other brands and models of cars have been driven. My personal feeling is that as a driver, you must have a high-quality car to support you. In 1985, Jinan General Automobile Manufacturing Factory paid a return visit to the users of the Yellow River series of heavy trucks. I was in the Changle Automobile Transportation Team 1 at that time. I expressed my opinion on behalf of all the team members, that is, the Yellow River truck gearbox is good, the engine is good, and whether it is precision or material, it is first-class. The gearbox I used didn't spend a penny in 10 years. In other words, the quality of Hongdi is the same regardless of precision or material. Users are relieved and dealers are satisfied. So I always use the Hondi car.
Mr. Wang, a kind and talkative old master, opened his mouth at this time and earnestly told Ma Minglu: "You must stand high and look far as a dealer, and sell a good brand. Everyone can rest assured that you can also make money.". Now, after years of polishing, Hongdi has become a brand with good quality. The company has market personnel to maintain it. The after-sales service is well done and has won everyone's trust. Hongdi not only has an excellent and strong dealer team, but also has a complete and effective after-sales service to provide consumers with corresponding professional services in a timely manner. However, some small manufacturers have few after-sales services, and there are many uncertainties in the production of enterprises. The future development will be limited. Every year, the news comes out that the dealers have run away because they can't supply the goods because they are acting for the products of small enterprises, and they have not been able to deliver the goods because they have received the money... All the losses are caused by the dealers. Your brother has a Hongdi brand product in his hand, which at least gives you a guarantee. You see, Ma Minglu, the general agent of Hongdi Car in Linqu, is right.  
In addition, I heard that the slogan of some enterprises in Canada is: no enthusiasm, no sales. But you should know that short enthusiasm is not worth money, and lasting enthusiasm can earn money. Only with lasting and enthusiastic service can we stand firm in the market and have a large market customer group.
At this time, Ma Xuedong, the second generation successor of Minglu Auto Industry, came in and reported that the battery had been replaced, and asked Master Wang to test it. Wang Fuzhen's teacher, Fu, was still full of ideas, but worried about the business, he reluctantly went to the test drive first.
In my opinion, a teacher with more than 40 years of driving experience, Fu, is not very good at playing cars, and his statement is worthy of experience; The attitude towards Minglu Automobile Industry and even Hongdi Company is not sincere, it can be regarded as heartfelt words. The reason why he has been unswervingly buying only Hongdi cars for 13 years stems from his affirmation of Hongdi electric cars and his high recognition of the business philosophy, governance system and culture of the company. In the future market competition, striving for quality and service will ultimately be the concentrated performance of a brand with comprehensive competitive advantages. As long as we use Hongdi's advantages to facilitate consumers and provide more services for consumers and dealers, we can make our products sell better and more smoothly.

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