The opportunity for tricycles has come, and the good news comes wave after wave!

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According to the latest development of WeChat official account of enterprises in the tricycle industry, waves of "stall economy" tricycle magic tools have exploded in the circle of friends. In this regard, the author believes that when there is demand,

For the tricycle industry in 2020, there are too many surprises.
For example, in the sales season of March, April and May, enterprises and dealers are too busy!
But after these three months, the traditional off-season has come!
What should I do?
Fortunately, the "stall economy" is coming again!
According to the latest development of WeChat official account of enterprises in the tricycle industry, waves of "stall economy" tricycle magic tools have exploded in the circle of friends. In this regard, the author believes that when there is demand, there is a peak season, and the legal compliance process of the tricycle industry has been gradually promoted. Therefore, there seems to be too many "abnormal" phenomena in the tricycle industry in 2020, but it also brings infinite surprises to the tricycle industry.
First of all, look at the investigated items of illegal dealers
Some time ago, in Shandong Province, the third round of leisure has become the object of seizure for the first time because it does not have product qualification, and the relevant dealers will also face fines and other penalties; In Guangzhou, during an inspection, it was found that some electric tricycles were not marked with CCC certification labels in 4 electric vehicle operators, and no Vehicle Conformity Certificate was attached to the vehicle. Finally, 37 electric tricycles and four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles were sealed on the site; Also in Zhejiang, Hunan, Beijing and other places, a new round of major inspections has been launched.
It can be seen that operating without certificate or license and selling unqualified products have become the focus of the current market investigation! In 2020, the state will definitely continue to strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal vehicles produced, sold and refitted. The author hereby reminds you not to take chances. If you want to do a long-term business, it is a wise choice to represent a regular brand. Even though there is a certain profit margin for off-brand cars, the future macro environment will continue to crack down on off-brand cars!
Of course, at a time when enterprises are running away and dealers are being cheated, these illegal vehicles are expected to be investigated, which is also the urgent expectation of the whole industry. But for compliant vehicles, if the government doesn't let them go on the road, I'm afraid it's time to think twice.
At the same time, it can be predicted that the market share of the illegal tricycle products investigated and dealt with will be transferred to legal and compliant enterprises and channel dealers, which will promote the growth of their sales.
Second, there will be no good end to fighting against the Prime Minister
In recent years, influenced by the legalization of the State Council's "floor stall", the drama of urban management chasing small vendors that has lasted for decades in many cities has finally become the past. Among them, the news that the city management invited the vendors to set up a stall was a surprise to the poor people.
The problem is that many cities are still implementing a policy of banning tricycles. When people go out of the stall, they will be caught by the traffic police, or fined, or detained.
So, for the behavior of not allowing tricycles to enter the city and not allowing tricycles to go on the road, does this violate the original intention of the country to promote employment and protect the last line of defense of the people's life through "land stall economy"? So, what else can we talk about to ensure people's livelihood and promote employment? Here, the author suggests that we should learn from the Secretary of Zhoukou Municipal Party Committee of Henan Province to see how he proposes solutions to the problem of "tricycle and four-wheel" travel.
On the contrary, local governments should actively respond to the call of the central government to make the local stall economy more distinctive and better. Of course, while actively promoting the development of the stall economy, we must relax the restricted management of tricycles and give the people at the bottom the right to ride tricycles freely into the city. Only in this way can the "stall economy" become a great meal for the benefit of the people at the bottom!
The "stall economy" implemented by the country in 2020 has been driven by the general trend and has been mentioned more than once. If anyone still bans and restricts compliance tricycles on a large scale, it is against the Prime Minister, and lazy politics will not have a good end. Be careful to be talked to by the superior leaders, and finally get lost.
Thirdly, the establishment of stalls is legalized, and there is a peak season when there is a need!
In the past, unemployment is often seen under the epidemic. From the perspective of national income, the number of people who cannot afford unemployment is far greater than expected. On May 28, the press conference of the National People's Congress revealed a very striking figure: the monthly income of 600 million Chinese people is only 1000 yuan. In a medium-sized city, even renting a house is not enough. Just imagine, if the poor 1000 yuan per month is gone, how can these 600 million people live?
Fortunately, the "stall economy" has come. As an important basic means of transportation for people's livelihood, the tricycle does not need to pay expensive store funds. It is convenient and cheap. It is the most commonly used "stall magic tool" by "mobile traders". It can be predicted that under the trend of legalization of stall setting, the compliance tricycle, as a necessary part of stall setting, will also welcome the policy encouragement after the epidemic, helping to promote a large number of "mobile traders" including food snacks, agricultural and sideline products wholesale and sales, logistics and transportation, and small commodity trading to join the "stall setting" army across the country. At that time, the tricycle, which is just needed, will usher in a new incremental market with the popularity of the "stall economy"!
Therefore, this is a great opportunity for the tricycle industry in 2020, which will lead to wave after wave of peak season. In particular, according to the analysis of senior personages in the industry, the stall economy may leverage the market of more than 10 million electric tricycles and two-wheeled vehicles, including the trade-in drive and the explosive increase of stall merchants. It can be predicted that the electric tricycle market will have great prospects in the future!

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