Shandong Hongdi, an old and powerful enterprise for 29 years

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With the era of branding in the third industry, everyone knows the importance of brands. Finding reliable enterprises and operating an energetic brand have become the top priority for many dealers.

With the era of branding in the third industry, everyone knows the importance of brands. Finding reliable enterprises and operating an energetic brand have become the top priority for many dealers.
What kind of brand is reliable?
Quite simply, enterprises with qualifications, excellent product quality and certain R&D capabilities can develop differentiated products on business trips, which are reliable brands.
Today, I will introduce Shandong Hongdi, an old and powerful enterprise with a history of 29 years.
Shandong Hongdi Locomotive Technology Co., Ltd. is an old and powerful enterprise with a history of 29 years. In different historical periods of the tricycle industry, Hongdi has always been at the forefront of the industry!
For nearly 30 years, Hongdi has concentrated on the design, development, production and sales of electric vehicles; Adhere to the business philosophy of being a good person, building a good car and creating a wonderful life; Relying on perseverance and continuous development, it has gradually developed into a powerful enterprise with two comprehensive production bases in Qingzhou and Yinan, Shandong.
For a long time, although the strength is strong, Hongdi people have been steadfast in making products and serving customers conscientiously. At every turning point in the industry, Hongdi can quickly keep up with the new changes in the market and rise against the trend with strong adaptability, and become the industry's true evergreen tree.
It is understood that Hongdi will hold a 2021 annual business ceremony of Shandong Hongdi with the theme of "Di Made Hongtu" at Junhao Hotel in Chongqing, the "Mountain City", on January 6-9, 2021. When the industry is facing another transformation, Hongdi will again hand over a new answer to the industry for successful transformation!
1. Super product power
It is the foundation for Hongdi to lead the industry again
For 29 years, Hongdi has always kept its original intention and made steady progress, striving to do a solid job in every product!
The persistence in the long run has also created a good reputation for Hongdi as iron. In particular, Hongdi's independently developed heavy truck and electric light truck have solved the problem of using vehicles in more scenes for many users of Hongdi.
Therefore, Hongdi has always been honored by the industry as the pioneer of the third major freight industry and the expert in the manufacture of electric micro-car and light truck!
The electric micro-card light truck series products are more than ten years of hard work, perseverance and courage of Hongdi to create high-quality mature products. There are more than 20 models for customers to choose, and the sales volume in the same industry has been among the top.
Recently, Hongdi invested 3 million yuan to independently develop a new heavy-duty three-wheel model, which is more popular in the market.
It is understood that this unique "brand postcard" in the industry, including the cab, frame, lamps, instrument panel, shock absorber and other parts, are all independently developed and independently molded by Hongdi.
Hongdi has built a solid product barrier for all imitators through its product R&D capability of digital analog!
It is reported that this unique electric three-car model will be released globally at the Chongqing Annual Conference in January!
2. First-class electric motorcycle qualification
Become the guarantee of Hongdi's future development
In the future electric tricycle industry, the first level electric motorcycle qualification is the threshold for entry. Shandong Hongdi, as an old and powerful enterprise with 29 years of car manufacturing experience, has already included the first level electric motorcycle qualification in its pocket.
At present, more than ten models of Hongdi can be listed. At the same time, Hongdi continues to strengthen the application of new products!
As we know, Hongdi's eight major series of heavy three models are listed in the licensing plan, and the number of licensed vehicle product matrix and licensed vehicle reserve is very small throughout the industry.
3. Rich profits in the international market
It is the material guarantee of Hongdi's commitment to the development of domestic market
In addition to conquering the domestic market, Hongdi has also been the leader of domestic tricycle enterprises in the international market.
A few years ago, when the price competition in the domestic market was just beginning to rise, Hongdi took precautions, dared to be the first, and boldly went to the international market!
According to statistics, at present, Hongdi products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and so on, and are widely favored in the international market.
4. Large shelf life insurance increases customer service
Is the most lasting vitality of Hongdi's enterprise development
The reason why the industry is optimistic about Hongdi is not only because of its 29 years of car building experience and differentiated models, but also because of its far superior service awareness and reputation based on integrity.
For electric vehicles, the frame is the skeleton, and is also the fundamental factor determining the quality of electric vehicles. Any accessories must be attached to the frame to play a role!
Out of its confidence in the quality of its own products, and its responsible attitude towards dealers and consumers, Hongdi is the first to make a commitment to the whole industry for the core parts of the tricycle -- Hongdi Dajia is guaranteed for life!
"Be a good person, build a good car and create a wonderful life" is the pursuit of Hongdi, and "dedication, innovation, self-confidence, effort and success" is the spiritual core of Hongdi!
We believe that in the coming years, Hongdi will surely move towards a higher and further goal and write a new chapter for China Hongdi.
From January 6 to 9, Hongdi will invite guests and friends from home and abroad to tell all partners about Hongdi's new plan and a better future!
Come on, Hongdi!

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