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Enterprise soul:
To be an enterprise, you must first have a national feeling, consider the contribution to society, and have a sense of responsibility and mission to employees and upstream and downstream customers. This is the corporate values and cultural implications.
Creating wealth for employees, creating value for customers, paying taxes in accordance with the law, helping public welfare, etc. are all responsibilities and obligations that companies should fulfill. After a long period of refinement and accumulation, we have formed our own unique Haydn culture and have been adhering to and practicing it.
Enterprise tenet: Industry serves the country and contributes to society
Corporate Vision: Be a good person, make a good car, create a wonderful life
Enterprise Spirit: Dedication, Innovation, Confidence, Effort, Success
Code of Conduct: Be Speaking with Letters
Quality policy: establish quality awareness, make famous brand products intelligently
Product style: strong, durable, reasonable and reliable
Business philosophy: create the highest value and benefit for customers
Service Standard: Enthusiasm, Patience, Timeliness and Attentiveness
Service concept:
Users are always right, we are always short of
Only forever users can have forever Haydn
Ning let customers bear Haydn Hayden never lose customers

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