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  Shandong Hongdi Locomotive Technology Co., Ltd., 29 years of hard work, concentrating on the design, development, production and sales of electric vehicles; adhering to the business philosophy of being a good person, making a car, and creating a wonderful life; relying on perseverance Perseverance continues to forge ahead and has developed into a large-scale comprehensive enterprise with two production plants and an international trading company.
  Hongdi people have never forgotten their original intentions, move forward steadily, do a solid job for each product, and create the highest value and benefit for customers is Haidun's unremitting pursuit. Therefore, it has won praise from customers and has been recognized by the society. The company has eight series and more than 100 specifications and models to meet the needs of different users. Tailor-made for customers is a highlight of Hayden's excellence.
  Electric micro-card series products are Hayden's hard work in the past ten years, perseverance and fearlessness to create high-quality mature products. There are more than 20 models for customers to choose from. In the same industry, the production and sales volume has been among the best, and the results are brilliant, gratifying!
  Under the environment of increasingly fierce price competition in the domestic market, the Haidun people plan ahead, dare to take the lead, focus on the future, and vigorously entered the international market. Products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Favored by foreign customers.
  In the years to come, Hongdi will work hard and be determined to ride the spring breeze of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, persistently struggle on the road of green development, and make long-term contributions. With rock-solid confidence, we will only strive for the spirit of the day and night. Go higher and further away! In the new era, bloom the most beautiful Fanghua! Write a new chapter of China Hongdi!

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